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Yogeta – Empowering Your Web Presence Yogata – The Best Performance You Can Imagine For Your WordPress Websites Try it now for free! No credit card needed! Welcome to Yogeta, where we provide cutting-edge solutions to enhance your web presence. Discover our advanced features, reliable hosting, and exceptional services tailored to meet your unique needs. […] Read more

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The importance of Optimization and loading Speed of WordPress site to Google

Optimization and Loading Speed TO RISE IN GOOGLE SEARCHES AND KEEP INTERNET INTERNET INTERESTED, YOUR WORDPRESS SITE NEEDS TO LOAD FASTER The speed of a web page has become an essential requirement for a web positioning and therefore for SEO optimization, especially mobile web speed on Google. It is not enough to have excellent texts. […] Read more

Which Hosting is the best for your WordPress Site

Choosing a hosting for your WordPress site is not as simple as it seems, because there is a wide range of possible solutions.   On the one hand, there are generalist hosts like Yogeta and on the other, there are specialized WordPress hosts, like WP Engine. And this is not the only arbitration to be […] Read more

Wix or WordPress

  Wix or WordPress? Find out which is the most suitable for creating websites and the characteristics of each tool. Wix or WordPress, this question plagues many people, as many issues are involved that make this choice extremely complicated for a less experienced user. Both tools are great for anyone looking to create a website. […] Read more


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Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers Advance today to the leading and fastest WordPress website management system in the world.A global set of servers with maximum availability for every point on the globe!From now on anyone can be a professional. Read more
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