Discover the impressive features of Yogeta that elevate your web experience. From advanced performance optimization and robust security measures to seamless website management and customizable solutions, Yogeta offers a comprehensive set of features to enhance your online presence

WordPress Staging Tool

Because you need an intermediate environment to make changes (especially major ones) to your WordPress site. Without testing, modifying your site while it’s online in a second space, you may regret it. Without Staging Tool WordPress, you are essentially going blind when making changes to critical aspects of your site.

WordPress Acceleration

For all problems, latency WordPress due from server reasons. The latency is no longer a problem for you with Yogeta. Our servers are optimized for speed. Yogeta’s hosting service is over-optimized for WordPress sites in particular.

Threat blocking & security

Threat blocking & security Block and protect against new-generation threats. Our experience and rigor in assimilating the new attack technique developed daily allow us to offer you an advanced security solution.

Team Management

Yogeta team management platform for your WordPress development projects gives you controls and collaboration dev area. Create a good working environment. Do your best to guide your team with intelligent control.

Site cloning

The idea behind cloning a WordPress website is that you make an exact copy of one of your WordPress to use the cloning WP version for a new site or for making a test on the game table version.

Resources managment

A special tool that allows full control of the server resources assigned to you exactly according to the needs and requirements. You can increase the amount of processors with just one click and if you want to increase the amount of memory with a click as well.

Plug-in for transferring websites

Do you have storage with another company? Do not worry ! We have prepared a dedicated plug-in for you to transfer the site to Yogeta servers In a few simple steps. The transfer to our servers is also done in a test environment so that you can test everything before you transfer your domain address and see that everything works as expected. You didn’t make it alone? We are always here to help you!

Enhanced Security

The Enhanced Security Configuration establishes security settings that define how users browse websites, allowing you to identify suspicious behavior that may have escaped your attention.

Anycast geo solution

We use technology to significantly speed up the domain and IP address exposure of our server farms globally to enable your customer to have always access to your site from the geographically closest point. The site is eventually “replicated” on all servers around the globe and the surfer will always receive the site from the closest server.

Activity log by users

All the actions done in your WordPress system are concentrated in one orderly report, including IP address, country, the details of the computer from which they were accessed and allow close and safe monitoring of everything that is done in the system. It is an essential tool in tracking errors and preventing unwanted access to the management system or by unwanted people.

Server Redirect

No more setting up redirect using a plug-in that we’ve always wondered if it’s free… Our customers benefit from a redirect service that is performed on our front-end servers and allows for a quick response to Google without ever reaching the WordPress system as happens when using an acceptable plug-in WordPress

Easy code embedding

Need to embed a Google tag or any other code? in Yogeta it’s super simple, easy and controlled by the system. Without any need to install an additional plug-in, you can define a code that will be embedded wherever you choose without the need for other developments or installations that will affect the performance of the system.

Safe update Php or Wp version

We spared you the worries of system upgrades! every time a new version of WordPress or PHP is released, it will be possible to upgrade to a separate and safe environment, test fixes and only then go live, that way even if the experiment was not successful, nothing was damaged and it can still be fixed.

World wide performance monitor

Best website performance monitoring tools by country. For the first time in Israel, you can get an indication from the most important places in the world about the response times of your website and know exactly what should be improved in order to achieve better results in Google’s servers for example